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Packages that use Temporal Provides interfaces for temporal data. 
gov.sandia.cognition.util Provides general utility classes. 

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Classes in with type parameters of type Temporal
 interface BatchTemporalDataSource<DataType extends Temporal>
          Defines the interface for an offline temporal data source, which can be resampled.
 interface SeekableTemporalDataReadChannel<DataType extends Temporal>
          The SeekableTemporalDataReadChannel interface extends the TemporalDataReadChannel interface to give the ability to seek around in the temporal data based on a time coordinate.
 interface TemporalDataReadChannel<DataType extends Temporal>
          The TemporalDataReadChannel interface defines the functionality of a class for reading temporal data.
 interface TemporalDataSource<DataType extends Temporal>
          The TemporalDataSource interface defines the functionality of a class that represents a data source.

Method parameters in with type arguments of type Temporal
 BatchTemporalDataSource<DataType> BatchTemporalDataSource.zeroOrderHold(BatchTemporalDataSource<? extends Temporal> alignTo)
          Creates a new version of this data source that is aligned to the given temporal data source using zero-order holding.

Uses of Temporal in gov.sandia.cognition.util

Subinterfaces of Temporal in gov.sandia.cognition.util
 interface TemporalValue<ValueType>
          The TemporalValue interface defines the interface for a container that has a temporal coordinate plus a stored value.

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.util that implement Temporal
 class AbstractTemporal
          Partial implementation of Temporal
 class DefaultTemporalValue<ValueType>
          The DefaultTemporalValue class is a default implementation of the TemporalValue interface.

Methods in gov.sandia.cognition.util with parameters of type Temporal
 int AbstractTemporal.compareTo(Temporal o)