Interface TermWeightNormalizer

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, CloneableSerializable, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractTermWeightNormalizer, UnitTermWeightNormalizer

public interface TermWeightNormalizer
extends CloneableSerializable

Interface for a tem weight normalization scheme.

Justin Basilico

Method Summary
 void normalizeWeights(Vector weights, Vector counts, Vector globalWeights)
          Normalizes the given weight vector.
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Method Detail


void normalizeWeights(Vector weights,
                      Vector counts,
                      Vector globalWeights)
Normalizes the given weight vector. Can make use of the supporting information such as the term counts for the document, and the global weights used to compute the weights (if any). However, it does not have to use this information if it does not need to.

weights - The weights to normalize. Contains an input and should be modified to create an output. Cannot be null.
counts - The term counts for the document to normalize. Cannot be null.
globalWeights - The global weights to use in to create the weights, if any. Can be null.