Package gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.vector.weighter.local

Provides local term weighting algorithms.


Interface Summary
LocalTermWeighter Defines the functionality of a local term weighting scheme.

Class Summary
AbstractLocalTermWeighter Abstract implementation of the LocalTermWeighter interface.
BinaryLocalTermWeighter Makes the given term weights binary, by creating a vector that contains a 1.0 for all non-zero entries in the given vector and a 0.0 for the all the zeros.
LogLocalTermWeighter Implements the log-based local term weighting scheme.
NormalizedLogLocalTermWeighter Implements a normalized version of the log local weighter.
TermFrequencyLocalTermWeighter Local weighting for term frequency.

Package gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.vector.weighter.local Description

Provides local term weighting algorithms. Local term weighting is based on the use of terms in a given term vector.

Justin Basilico