Provides global term weighting algorithms.


Interface Summary
GlobalTermWeighter Implements a global term weighting scheme.

Class Summary
AbstractEntropyBasedGlobalTermWeighter An abstract implementation of a global term weighting scheme that keeps track of the sum of the entropy term (f_ij * log(f_ij)) over all documents.
AbstractFrequencyBasedGlobalTermWeighter An abstract GlobalTermWeighter that keeps track of term frequencies in documents.
AbstractGlobalTermWeighter An abstract implementation of the GlobalTermWeighter interface.
DominanceGlobalTermWeighter Implements the dominance term gloal weighting scheme.
EntropyGlobalTermWeighter Implements the entropy global term weighting scheme.
InverseDocumentFrequencyGlobalTermWeighter Implements the inverse-document-frequency (IDF) term global weighting scheme.

Package Description

Provides global term weighting algorithms. The global term weight is computed over a space of other documents.

Justin Basilico