Package gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.filter

Provides classes for filtering and transforming terms.


Interface Summary
SingleTermFilter Interface for a term filter that looks at each term individually.
StopList Interface for a list of stop words.
TermFilter Interface for an object that can filter a list of terms to create a new list of terms.

Class Summary
AbstractSingleTermFilter An abstract implementation of the SingleTermFilter interface.
DefaultStopList A default, case-insensitive stop-list.
DictionaryFilter A term filter that only allows terms in its dictionary.
LowerCaseTermFilter A term filter that converts all terms to lower case.
NGramFilter A term filter that creates an n-gram of terms.
StopListFilter A term filter that rejects any term that appears in a given stop list.
StringEvaluatorSingleTermFilter Adapts an evaluator from string to string to be a term filter on individual terms.
SynonymFilter A term filter that uses a mapping of synonyms to replace a word with its synonym.
TermLengthFilter Implements a filter based on the length of a term.

Package gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.filter Description

Provides classes for filtering and transforming terms.

Justin Basilico