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Packages that use TermFilter
gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.filter Provides classes for filtering and transforming terms. 
gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.filter.stem Provides stemming algorithms for terms. 

Uses of TermFilter in gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.filter

Subinterfaces of TermFilter in gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.filter
 interface SingleTermFilter
          Interface for a term filter that looks at each term individually.

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.filter that implement TermFilter
 class AbstractSingleTermFilter
          An abstract implementation of the SingleTermFilter interface.
 class DictionaryFilter
          A term filter that only allows terms in its dictionary.
 class LowerCaseTermFilter
          A term filter that converts all terms to lower case.
 class NGramFilter
          A term filter that creates an n-gram of terms.
 class StopListFilter
          A term filter that rejects any term that appears in a given stop list.
 class StringEvaluatorSingleTermFilter
          Adapts an evaluator from string to string to be a term filter on individual terms.
 class SynonymFilter
          A term filter that uses a mapping of synonyms to replace a word with its synonym.
 class TermLengthFilter
          Implements a filter based on the length of a term.

Uses of TermFilter in gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.filter.stem

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.text.term.filter.stem that implement TermFilter
 class PorterEnglishStemmingFilter
          A term filter that uses the Porter Stemming algorithm.