Interface Termable

All Known Subinterfaces:
IndexedTerm, Term, TermNGram, TermOccurrence, Token
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractTerm, DefaultIndexedTerm, DefaultTerm, DefaultTermNGram, DefaultTermOccurrence, DefaultToken

public interface Termable

Interface for an object that can be turned into a Term. It is used so that things that can be treated like terms can be used with the different objects and algorithms rather than having to explicitly convert to terms beforehand. Note that a Term is by definition Termable and should return itself.

Justin Basilico

Method Summary
 Term asTerm()
          Get the term for the object.

Method Detail


Term asTerm()
Get the term for the object. This can be either a representation of the object as a term or a term that is part of the object.

The term representation of the object.