Interface TextualConverter<InputType,OutputType extends Textual>

Type Parameters:
InputType - The type of input that can be converted to a textual form.
OutputType - The type of textual output of the converter. Must implement the Textual interface.
All Known Subinterfaces:
MultiTextualConverter<InputType,OutputType>, SingleTextualConverter<InputType,OutputType>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMultiTextualConverter, AbstractSingleTextualConverter, AbstractTextualConverter, DocumentFieldConcatenator, DocumentSingleFieldConverter, ObjectToStringTextualConverter, SingleToMultiTextualConverterAdapter

public interface TextualConverter<InputType,OutputType extends Textual>

Interface for a class that can convert some type of object into one or more textual objects. This is usually done to encapsulate a strategy for transforming an object so that it can be used in text analysis, such as being fed into tokenization for a term extraction pipeline.

Justin Basilico
See Also:
SingleTextualConverter, MultiTextualConverter

Method Summary
 Iterable<OutputType> convertAll(Iterable<? extends InputType> inputs)
          Convert the given input objects into zero or more textual objects.

Method Detail


Iterable<OutputType> convertAll(Iterable<? extends InputType> inputs)
Convert the given input objects into zero or more textual objects. Typically the result is the concatenation of calls to the single convert methods.

inputs - The inputs to convert.
Zero or more textual objects.