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gov.sandia.cognition.statistics Provides the inheritance hierarchy for general statistical methods and distributions. 
gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.distribution Provides statistical distributions. 

Uses of EstimableDistribution in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics with type parameters of type EstimableDistribution
 interface EstimableDistribution<ObservationType,DistributionType extends EstimableDistribution<ObservationType,? extends DistributionType>>
          A Distribution that has an estimator associated with it, typically a closed-form estimator.

Subinterfaces of EstimableDistribution in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics
 interface DataDistribution<DataType>
          A distribution of data from which we can sample and perform Ring operations.
static interface DataDistribution.PMF<KeyType>
          Interface for the probability mass function (PMF) of a data distribution.

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics that implement EstimableDistribution
 class AbstractDataDistribution<KeyType>
          An abstract implementation of the DataDistribution interface.

Uses of EstimableDistribution in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.distribution

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.distribution that implement EstimableDistribution
 class BetaBinomialDistribution
          A Binomial distribution where the binomial parameter, p, is set according to a Beta distribution instead of a single value.
static class BetaBinomialDistribution.CDF
          CDF of BetaBinomialDistribution
static class BetaBinomialDistribution.PMF
          PMF of the BetaBinomialDistribution
 class BetaDistribution
          Computes the Beta-family of probability distributions.
static class BetaDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the Beta-family distribution
static class BetaDistribution.PDF
          Beta distribution probability density function
 class BinomialDistribution
          Binomial distribution, which is a collection of Bernoulli trials
static class BinomialDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the Binomial distribution, which is the probability of getting up to "x" successes in "N" trials with a Bernoulli probability of "p"
static class BinomialDistribution.PMF
          The Probability Mass Function of a binomial distribution.
 class DataCountTreeSetBinnedMapHistogram<ValueType extends Comparable<? super ValueType>>
          The DataCountTreeSetBinnedMapHistogram class extends a DefaultDataDistribution by mapping values to user defined bins using a TreeSetBinner.
 class DefaultDataDistribution<KeyType>
          A default implementation of ScalarDataDistribution that uses a backing map.
static class DefaultDataDistribution.PMF<KeyType>
          PMF of the DefaultDataDistribution
 class ExponentialDistribution
          An Exponential distribution describes the time between events in a poisson process, resulting in a memoryless distribution.
static class ExponentialDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the ExponentialDistribution.
static class ExponentialDistribution.PDF
          PDF of the ExponentialDistribution.
 class GammaDistribution
          Class representing the Gamma distribution.
static class GammaDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the Gamma distribution
static class GammaDistribution.PDF
          Closed-form PDF of the Gamma distribution
 class GeometricDistribution
          The geometric distribution models the number of successes before the first failure occurs under an independent succession of Bernoulli tests.
static class GeometricDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the Geometric distribution
static class GeometricDistribution.PMF
          PMF of the Geometric distribution
 class LaplaceDistribution
          A Laplace distribution, sometimes called a double exponential distribution.
static class LaplaceDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the Laplace distribution.
static class LaplaceDistribution.PDF
          The PDF of a Laplace Distribution.
 class LogNormalDistribution
          Log-Normal distribution PDF and CDF implementations.
static class LogNormalDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the Log-Normal Distribution
static class LogNormalDistribution.PDF
          PDF of a Log-normal distribution
 class MultivariateGaussian
          The MultivariateGaussian class implements a multidimensional Gaussian distribution that contains a mean vector and a covariance matrix.
static class MultivariateGaussian.PDF
          PDF of a multivariate Gaussian
 class NegativeBinomialDistribution
          Negative binomial distribution, also known as the Polya distribution, gives the number of successes of a series of Bernoulli trials before recording a given number of failures.
static class NegativeBinomialDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the NegativeBinomialDistribution
static class NegativeBinomialDistribution.PMF
          PMF of the NegativeBinomialDistribution.
 class PoissonDistribution
          A Poisson distribution is the limits of what happens when a Bernoulli trial with "rare" events are sampled on a continuous basis and then binned into discrete time intervals.
static class PoissonDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the PoissonDistribution
static class PoissonDistribution.PMF
          PMF of the PoissonDistribution.
 class ScalarDataDistribution
          A Data Distribution that uses Doubles as its keys, making it a univariate distribution
static class ScalarDataDistribution.CDF
          CDF of the ScalarDataDistribution, maintains the keys/domain in sorted order (TreeMap), so it's slower than it's peers.
static class ScalarDataDistribution.PMF
          PMF of the ScalarDataDistribution
 class StudentTDistribution
          Defines a noncentral Student-t Distribution.
static class StudentTDistribution.CDF
          Evaluator that computes the Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) of a Student-t distribution with a fixed number of degrees of freedom
static class StudentTDistribution.PDF
          Evaluator that computes the Probability Density Function (CDF) of a Student-t distribution with a fixed number of degrees of freedom
 class UniformDistribution
          Contains the (very simple) definition of a continuous Uniform distribution, parameterized between the minimum and maximum bounds.
static class UniformDistribution.CDF
          Cumulative Distribution Function of a uniform
static class UniformDistribution.PDF
          Probability density function of a Uniform Distribution
 class UnivariateGaussian
          This class contains internal classes that implement useful functions based on the Gaussian distribution.
static class UnivariateGaussian.CDF
          CDF of the underlying Gaussian.
static class UnivariateGaussian.CDF.Inverse
          Inverts the CumulativeDistribution function.
static class UnivariateGaussian.PDF
          PDF of the underlying Gaussian.