Package gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix

Provides interfaces and classes for linear algebra.


Interface Summary
DiagonalMatrix Interface describing a diagonal matrix.
DifferentiableVectorFunction A VectorFunction that can is also differentiable
EntryIndexComparator<EntryType> The EntryIndexComparator interface defines the functionality of a comparator for index entries.
InfiniteVector<KeyType> A Vector that has a potentially infinite number of indices (keys), but will only contain a countable number in any instance.
InfiniteVector.Entry<KeyType> Entry for a InfiniteVector
Matrix Defines the base functionality for all implementations of a Matrix
MatrixEntry Interface that specifies the functionality for a matrix entry
MatrixFactoryContainer Interface for a container for a matrix factory.
Quaternion Interface for a mathematical quaternion, which represents rotations using four dimensions.
TwoMatrixEntry Interface that specifies the functionality for a class that stores entries for two matrices
TwoVectorEntry Interface that specifies the functionality for a class that stores entries for two vectors
Vector The Vector interface defines the operations that are expected on a mathematical vector.
Vector1D An interface for a 1-dimensional vector.
Vector2D An interface for a 2-dimensional vector.
Vector3D An interface for a 3-dimensional vector.
VectorEntry Interface the specifies the functionality that a VectorEntry should have
VectorFactoryContainer Interface for a container for a vector factory.
VectorFunction A vector function is a type of Evaluator that takes a Vector for its input and output.
VectorInputEvaluator<InputType extends Vectorizable,OutputType> An interface for an evaluator that takes a vector of a fixed dimensionality.
Vectorizable The Vectorizable interface is an interface for an object that can be converted to and from a Vector.
VectorizableDifferentiableVectorFunction A VectorizableVectorFunction that also define a derivative (this is needed for GradientDescendable).
VectorizableVectorFunction The VectorizableVectorFunction interface defines a useful interface for doing machine learning, which is a function that takes and returns vectors and also is parameterizable as a vector.
VectorOutputEvaluator<InputType,OutputType extends Vectorizable> An interface for an evaluator that produces a vector of a fixed dimensionality.
VectorSpace<VectorType extends VectorSpace<VectorType,?>,EntryType extends VectorSpace.Entry> In the Foundry, a VectorSpace is a type of Ring that we can perform Vector-like operations on: norm, distances between Vectors, etc.
VectorSpace.Entry Entry into the VectorSpace

Class Summary
AbstractMatrix Abstract implementation of some low-hanging functions in the Matrix interface.
AbstractVector Abstract implementation of some of the Vector interface, in a storage-free manner
AbstractVectorSpace<VectorType extends VectorSpace<VectorType,? extends EntryType>,EntryType extends VectorSpace.Entry> Partial implementation of VectorSpace
DefaultInfiniteVector<KeyType> An implementation of an InfiniteVector backed by a LinkedHashMap.
DefaultTwoVectorEntry Stores an entry for two vectors.
DefaultVectorFactoryContainer A default implementation of the VectorFactoryContainer interface.
MatrixFactory<MatrixType extends Matrix> Abstract factory for creating Matrix objects.
MatrixReader Reads a Matrix from the specified reader.
MatrixUnionIterator Iterator that stops at all nonzero entries for EITHER underlying matrix
MatrixWriter Writes a Matrix to a Java-based Writer (files, etc.)
NumericalDifferentiator<InputType,OutputType,DerivativeType> Automatically differentiates a function by the method of forward differences.
NumericalDifferentiator.DoubleJacobian Numerical differentiator based on a Vector Jacobian.
NumericalDifferentiator.MatrixJacobian Numerical differentiator based on a Matrix Jacobian.
NumericalDifferentiator.VectorJacobian Numerical differentiator based on a Vector Jacobian.
SparseVectorFactory<VectorType extends Vector> Abstract factory class for creating sparse vectors.
VectorEntryIndexComparator An index comparator for VectorEntry objects.
VectorFactory<VectorType extends Vector> Abstract factory for creating Vector objects.
VectorizableIndexComparator Compares the given index of two Vectorizables.
VectorReader Reads a Vector from a single line in a file
VectorUnionIterator Iterator that returns all nonzero entries for either underlying Vector
VectorUtil Utility methods for dealing with vectors.
VectorWriter Writes a Vector to a Java-based Writer (files, etc.)

Enum Summary
EntryIndexComparator.Compare Indicates which of two iterators has the lowest index

Exception Summary
DimensionalityMismatchException Gets thrown when the dimensions don't agree for a matrix/vector operation

Package gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix Description

Provides interfaces and classes for linear algebra. In particular, the package defines the Vector and Matrix interfaces, plus all the supporting infrastructure for doing math with these classes.

Justin Basilico, Kevin R. Dixon