Package gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.decomposition

Provides matrix decompositions.


Interface Summary
EigenDecomposition Performs a right eigendecomposition for symmetric or asymmetric matrices
SingularValueDecomposition Interface that describes the operations of all SingularValueDecompositions

Class Summary
AbstractEigenDecomposition Abstract partial implementation of the EigenDecomposition interface
AbstractSingularValueDecomposition Abstract container class that stores the matrices for a Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and related operations but does not actually perform a singular value decomposition
EigenvectorPowerIteration Implementation of the Eigenvector Power Iteration algorithm.

Package gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.decomposition Description

Provides matrix decompositions. Contains interfaces and implementations of standard decompositions such as eigen decomposition and singular value decomposition.

Justin Basilico, Kevin R. Dixon