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Packages that use VectorReader
gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix Provides interfaces and classes for linear algebra. 
gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj Provides a linear algebra package implementation wrapper using the Matrix Toolkits for Java (MTJ) library. 

Uses of VectorReader in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix

Methods in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix that return VectorReader
protected  VectorReader MatrixReader.getInternalReader()
          Getter for internalReader

Methods in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix with parameters of type VectorReader
protected  void MatrixReader.setInternalReader(VectorReader internalReader)
          Setter for internalReader

Uses of VectorReader in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj

Constructors in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj with parameters of type VectorReader
DenseVector(VectorReader reader)
          Creates a new instance of DenseVector