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Packages that use VectorInputEvaluator
gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.bayes Provides algorithms for computing Bayesian categorizers. 
gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.perceptron Provides the Perceptron algorithm and some of its variations. Provides data feature extractors. 
gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.categorization Provides functions that output a discrete set of categories. 
gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.scalar Provides functions that output real numbers. 
gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.vector Provides functions that output vectors. 
gov.sandia.cognition.math.signals Provides mathematical signal processing methods. 
gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.distribution Provides statistical distributions. 
gov.sandia.cognition.text.topic Provides topic modeling algorithms. 

Uses of VectorInputEvaluator in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.bayes

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.bayes that implement VectorInputEvaluator
 class VectorNaiveBayesCategorizer<CategoryType,DistributionType extends UnivariateProbabilityDensityFunction>
          A naive Bayesian categorizer that takes an input vector and applies an independent scalar probability density function to each one.

Uses of VectorInputEvaluator in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.perceptron

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.perceptron that implement VectorInputEvaluator
static class OnlineShiftingPerceptron.LinearResult
          This is the result learned by the shifting perceptron.

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Classes in that implement VectorInputEvaluator
 class MultivariateDecorrelator
          Decorrelates a data using a mean and full or diagonal covariance matrix.

Uses of VectorInputEvaluator in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.categorization

Subinterfaces of VectorInputEvaluator in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.categorization
 interface ConfidenceWeightedBinaryCategorizer
          Interface for a confidence-weighted binary categorizer, which defines a distribution over linear binary categorizers.

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.categorization that implement VectorInputEvaluator
 class AbstractConfidenceWeightedBinaryCategorizer
          Unit tests for class AbstractConfidenceWeightedBinaryCategorizer.
 class DefaultConfidenceWeightedBinaryCategorizer
          A default implementation of the ConfidenceWeightedBinaryCategorizer that stores a full mean and covariance matrix.
 class DiagonalConfidenceWeightedBinaryCategorizer
          A confidence-weighted linear predictor with a diagonal covariance, which is stored as a vector.
 class LinearBinaryCategorizer
          The LinearBinaryCategorizer class implements a binary categorizer that is implemented by a linear function.
 class LinearMultiCategorizer<CategoryType>
          A multi-category version of the LinearBinaryCategorizer that keeps a separate LinearBinaryCategorizer for each category.

Uses of VectorInputEvaluator in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.scalar

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.scalar that implement VectorInputEvaluator
 class LinearDiscriminant
          LinearDiscriminant takes the dot product between the weight Vector and the input Vector.
 class LinearDiscriminantWithBias
          A LinearDiscriminant with an additional bias term that gets added to the output of the dot product.

Uses of VectorInputEvaluator in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.vector

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.vector that implement VectorInputEvaluator
 class DifferentiableGeneralizedLinearModel
          A GradientDescenable version of a GeneralizedLinearModel, in other words, a GeneralizedLinearModel where the squashing function is differentiable
 class GaussianContextRecognizer
          Uses a MixtureOfGaussians to compute the probability of the different constituent MultivariateGaussians (that is, the contexts)
 class GeneralizedLinearModel
          A VectorizableVectorFunction that is a matrix multiply followed by a VectorFunction...
 class MultivariateDiscriminant
          Allows learning algorithms (vectorizing, differentiating) on a matrix*vector multiply.
 class MultivariateDiscriminantWithBias
          A multivariate discriminant (matrix multiply) plus a constant vector that gets added to the output of the discriminant.
 class SubVectorEvaluator
          Extracts the given set of indices from an input vector to create a new vector containing the input vector's elements at those indices.
 class ThreeLayerFeedforwardNeuralNetwork
          This is a "standard" feedforward neural network with a single hidden layer.

Uses of VectorInputEvaluator in gov.sandia.cognition.math.signals

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.math.signals that implement VectorInputEvaluator
 class LinearDynamicalSystem
          A generic Linear Dynamical System of the form
x_n = A*x_(n-1) + B*u_n
y_n = C*x_n,
where x_(n-1) is the previous state, x_n is the current state, u_n is the current input, y_n is the current output, A is the system matrix, B is the input-gain matrix, and C is the output-selector matrix

Uses of VectorInputEvaluator in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.distribution

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.distribution that implement VectorInputEvaluator
static class CategoricalDistribution.PMF
          PMF of the Categorical Distribution
static class DirichletDistribution.PDF
          PDF of the Dirichlet distribution.
static class MultinomialDistribution.PMF
          Probability Mass Function of the Multinomial Distribution.
static class MultivariateGaussian.PDF
          PDF of a multivariate Gaussian
static class MultivariatePolyaDistribution.PMF
          PMF of the MultivariatePolyaDistribution
static class MultivariateStudentTDistribution.PDF
          PDF of the MultivariateStudentTDistribution
static class NormalInverseGammaDistribution.PDF
          PDF of the NormalInverseGammaDistribution

Uses of VectorInputEvaluator in gov.sandia.cognition.text.topic

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.text.topic that implement VectorInputEvaluator
static class LatentSemanticAnalysis.Transform
          The result from doing latent semantic analysis (LSA).
static class ProbabilisticLatentSemanticAnalysis.Result
          The dimensionality transform created by probabilistic latent semantic analysis.