Uses of Interface

Packages that use Vector2D
gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix Provides interfaces and classes for linear algebra. 
gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj Provides a linear algebra package implementation wrapper using the Matrix Toolkits for Java (MTJ) library. 

Uses of Vector2D in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix

Methods in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix that return Vector2D
 Vector2D VectorFactory.createVector2D()
          Creates a two-dimensional zero vector: (0.0, 0.0).
abstract  Vector2D VectorFactory.createVector2D(double x, double y)
          Creates a two-dimensional vector with the given x and y coordinates: (x, y).

Uses of Vector2D in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj that implement Vector2D
 class Vector2
          Implements a two-dimensional MTJ DenseVector.

Constructors in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj with parameters of type Vector2D
Vector2(Vector2D other)
          Creates a new instance of Vector2 wi th values copied from the given vector.