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Packages that use Ring
gov.sandia.cognition.math Provides classes for mathematical computation. 
gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix Provides interfaces and classes for linear algebra. 
gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj Provides a linear algebra package implementation wrapper using the Matrix Toolkits for Java (MTJ) library. 
gov.sandia.cognition.statistics Provides the inheritance hierarchy for general statistical methods and distributions. 

Uses of Ring in gov.sandia.cognition.math

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.math with type parameters of type Ring
 class AbstractRing<RingType extends Ring<RingType>>
          Implements the non-inline versions of the various Ring functions.
 interface Ring<RingType extends Ring<RingType>>
          Defines something similar to a mathematical ring.
 class RingAccumulator<RingType extends Ring<RingType>>
          The RingAccumulator class implements a simple object that is used to accumulate objects that implement the Ring interface.
 class RingAverager<RingType extends Ring<RingType>>
          A type of Averager for Rings (Matrices, Vectors, ComplexNumbers).
 class WeightedRingAverager<RingType extends Ring<RingType>>
          A type of Summarizer for Rings (Matrices, Vectors, ComplexNumbers).

Subinterfaces of Ring in gov.sandia.cognition.math
 interface EuclideanRing<RingType extends EuclideanRing<RingType>>
          Defines something similar to a Euclidean ring from abstract algebra.
 interface Field<FieldType extends Field<FieldType>>
          Defines something similar to a mathematical field.

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.math that implement Ring
 class AbstractEuclideanRing<RingType extends EuclideanRing<RingType>>
          An abstract implementation of the EuclideanRing interface.
 class AbstractField<FieldType extends Field<FieldType>>
          An abstract implementation of the Field interface.
 class AbstractRing<RingType extends Ring<RingType>>
          Implements the non-inline versions of the various Ring functions.
 class ComplexNumber
          Represents a complex number in a rectangular manner, explicitly storing the real and imaginary portions: real + j*imaginary
 class LogNumber
          Represents a number in log-space, storing the log of the absolute value log(|value|) and the sign of the value sign(value).
 class MutableDouble
          A mutable object containing a double.
 class MutableInteger
          A mutable object containing an integer.
 class MutableLong
          A mutable object containing a long.
 class UnsignedLogNumber
          Represents an unsigned number in log space, storing log(value) and operating directly on it.

Methods in gov.sandia.cognition.math with type parameters of type Ring
<RingType extends Ring<RingType>>
MultivariateStatisticsUtil.computeMean(Iterable<? extends RingType> data)
          Computes the arithmetic mean (average, expectation, first central moment) of a dataset
<RingType extends Ring<RingType>>
MultivariateStatisticsUtil.computeSum(Iterable<? extends RingType> data)
          Computes the arithmetic sum of the dataset

Uses of Ring in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix

Subinterfaces of Ring in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix
 interface DiagonalMatrix
          Interface describing a diagonal matrix.
 interface InfiniteVector<KeyType>
          A Vector that has a potentially infinite number of indices (keys), but will only contain a countable number in any instance.
 interface Matrix
          Defines the base functionality for all implementations of a Matrix
 interface Vector
          The Vector interface defines the operations that are expected on a mathematical vector.
 interface Vector1D
          An interface for a 1-dimensional vector.
 interface Vector2D
          An interface for a 2-dimensional vector.
 interface Vector3D
          An interface for a 3-dimensional vector.
 interface VectorSpace<VectorType extends VectorSpace<VectorType,?>,EntryType extends VectorSpace.Entry>
          In the Foundry, a VectorSpace is a type of Ring that we can perform Vector-like operations on: norm, distances between Vectors, etc.

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix that implement Ring
 class AbstractMatrix
          Abstract implementation of some low-hanging functions in the Matrix interface.
 class AbstractVector
          Abstract implementation of some of the Vector interface, in a storage-free manner
 class AbstractVectorSpace<VectorType extends VectorSpace<VectorType,? extends EntryType>,EntryType extends VectorSpace.Entry>
          Partial implementation of VectorSpace
 class DefaultInfiniteVector<KeyType>
          An implementation of an InfiniteVector backed by a LinkedHashMap.

Uses of Ring in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.math.matrix.mtj that implement Ring
 class AbstractMTJMatrix
          Relies on internal MTJ matrix to do some of the heavy lifting, without assuming that the underlying matrix is Dense or Sparse
 class AbstractMTJVector
          Implementation of the Vector interface that relies on MTJ Vectors, but does not specify sparse or dense storage.
 class AbstractSparseMatrix
          Implements some generic operations that any sparse-matrix representation must do.
 class DenseMatrix
          Matrix that represents all its entries using a fixed-size storage scheme, based on MTJ's DenseMatrix storage class.
 class DenseVector
          A generally useful vector representation that allocates a fixed-size underlying vector, based on MTJ's DenseVector
 class DiagonalMatrixMTJ
          A diagonal matrix that wraps MTJ's BandMatrix class.
 class SparseColumnMatrix
          A sparse matrix, represented as a collection of sparse column vectors.
 class SparseMatrix
          A sparse matrix, represented as a collection of sparse row vectors.
 class SparseRowMatrix
          A sparse matrix, represented as a collection of sparse row vectors.
 class SparseVector
          A vector that only stores the nonzero elements, relies on MTJ's SparseVector.
 class Vector1
          Implements a one-dimensional MTJ DenseVector.
 class Vector2
          Implements a two-dimensional MTJ DenseVector.
 class Vector3
          Implements a three-dimensional DenseVector.

Uses of Ring in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics

Subinterfaces of Ring in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics
 interface RandomVariable<DataType>
          Describes the functionality of a random variable.

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics that implement Ring
 class AbstractRandomVariable<DataType>
          Partial implementation of RandomVariable.
 class UnivariateRandomVariable
          This is an implementation of a RandomVariable for scalar distributions.