Interface ParameterAdapter<ObjectType,DataType>

Type Parameters:
ObjectType - The type of object whose parameters can be adapted by this object.
DataType - The type of data that can be used to adapt the parameters.
All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, CloneableSerializable, Serializable

public interface ParameterAdapter<ObjectType,DataType>
extends CloneableSerializable

Interface for an object that can adapt the parameters of another object based on some given data. This is most commonly used in conjunction with learning algorithms to employ some heuristic for setting a parameter of the algorithm based on the data. For learning algorithms, the adapter should be called before learning has begun.

Justin Basilico

Method Summary
 void adapt(ObjectType object, DataType data)
          Adapt the parameter(s) of a given object based on the given data.
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Method Detail


void adapt(ObjectType object,
           DataType data)
Adapt the parameter(s) of a given object based on the given data. It works by side-effect on the object.

object - The object containing the parameters to adapt.
data - The data to use to adapt the parameters.