Package gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.scalar

Provides functions that output real numbers.


Interface Summary
PolynomialFunction.ClosedForm Describes functionality of a closed-form algebraic polynomial function

Class Summary
AtanFunction Returns the element-wise arctangent of the input vector, compressed between -maxMagnitude and maxMagnitude (instead of just -PI/2 and PI/2)
CosineFunction A closed-form cosine function.
IdentityScalarFunction A univariate scalar identity function: f(x) = x.
KernelScalarFunction<InputType> The KernelScalarFunction class implements a scalar function that uses a kernel to compute its output value.
KolmogorovSmirnovEvaluator You can specify a particular CDF.
LinearCombinationScalarFunction<InputType> A weighted linear combination of scalar functions.
LinearDiscriminant LinearDiscriminant takes the dot product between the weight Vector and the input Vector.
LinearDiscriminantWithBias A LinearDiscriminant with an additional bias term that gets added to the output of the dot product.
LinearFunction This function acts as a simple linear function of the form f(x) = m*x + b.
LinearVectorScalarFunction The LinearVectorScalarFunction class implements a scalar function that is implemented by a linear function.
LocallyWeightedKernelScalarFunction<InputType> The LocallyWeightedKernelScalarFunction class implements a scalar function that uses kernels and does local weighting on them to get the result value.
PolynomialFunction A single polynomial term specified by a real-valued exponent.
PolynomialFunction.Cubic Algebraic treatment for a polynomial of the form y(x) = q0 + q1*x + q2*x^2 + q3*x^3
PolynomialFunction.Linear Utilities for algebraic treatment of a linear polynomial of the form y(x) = q0 + q1*x
PolynomialFunction.Quadratic Utilities for algebraic treatment of a quadratic polynomial of the form y(x) = q0 + q1*x + q2*x^2.
PolynomialFunction.Regression Performs Linear Regression using an arbitrary set of PolynomialFunction basis functions
SigmoidFunction An implementation of a sigmoid squashing function.
ThresholdFunction Maps the input space onto the set {LOW_VALUE,HIGH_VALUE}.
VectorEntryFunction An evaluator that returns the value of an input vector at a specified index.
VectorFunctionLinearDiscriminant<InputType> This class takes a function that maps a generic InputType to a Vector.
VectorFunctionToScalarFunction<InputType> The VectorFunctionToScalarFunction class implements an adapter for using a vector function that outputs a single-dimensional vector as a scalar function.
VectorFunctionToScalarFunction.Learner<InputType> The VectorFunctionToScalarFunction.Learner class implements a simple learner for a VectorFunctionToScalarFunction that allows a learning algorithm that outputs a vector function to be adapted to learn on data whose output are doubles.

Package gov.sandia.cognition.learning.function.scalar Description

Provides functions that output real numbers. Scalar functions map some value onto the real numbers. This includes both functions that are the output of regression and functions such as squashing functions that are used within neural networks.

Justin Basilico