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Packages that use RootFinder
gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.root Provides algorithms for finding the roots, or zero crossings, of scalar functions. 
gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.method Provides algorithms for evaluating statistical data and conducting statistical inference, particularly frequentist methods. 

Uses of RootFinder in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.root

Classes in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.root that implement RootFinder
 class AbstractBracketedRootFinder
          Partial implementation of RootFinder that maintains a bracket on the root.
 class AbstractRootFinder
          Partial implementation of RootFinder.
 class MinimizerBasedRootFinder
          A root finder that uses minimization techniques to find the roots (zero-crossings).
 class RootFinderBisectionMethod
          Bisection algorithm for root finding.
 class RootFinderFalsePositionMethod
          The false-position algorithm for root finding.
 class RootFinderNewtonsMethod
          Newton's method, sometimes called Newton-Raphson method, uses first-order derivative information to iteratively locate a root.
 class RootFinderRiddersMethod
          The root-finding algorithm due to Ridders.
 class RootFinderSecantMethod
          The secant algorithm for root finding.

Uses of RootFinder in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.method

Fields in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.method declared as RootFinder
static RootFinder InverseTransformSampling.DEFAULT_ROOT_FINDER
          Default root finding method for the algorithm, RootFinderRiddersMethod.

Methods in gov.sandia.cognition.statistics.method with parameters of type RootFinder
static InputOutputPair<Double,Double> InverseTransformSampling.inverseRootFinder(RootFinder rootFinder, CumulativeDistributionFunction<Double> cdf, double p)
          Inverts the given CDF, finding the value of "x" so that CDF(x)=p using a root-finding algorithm.