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Packages that use AbstractOnlineLinearBinaryCategorizerLearner
gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.perceptron Provides the Perceptron algorithm and some of its variations. 

Uses of AbstractOnlineLinearBinaryCategorizerLearner in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.perceptron

Subclasses of AbstractOnlineLinearBinaryCategorizerLearner in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.perceptron
 class AbstractKernelizableBinaryCategorizerOnlineLearner
          An abstract implementation of the KernelizableBinaryCategorizerOnlineLearner interface.
 class AbstractLinearCombinationOnlineLearner
          An abstract class for online learning of linear binary categorizers that take the form of a weighted sum of inputs.
 class AggressiveRelaxedOnlineMaximumMarginAlgorithm
          An implementation of the Aggressive Relaxed Online Maximum Margin Algorithm (AROMMA).
 class Ballseptron
          An implementation of the Ballseptron algorithm.
 class OnlineBinaryMarginInfusedRelaxedAlgorithm
          An implementation of the binary MIRA algorithm.
 class OnlinePassiveAggressivePerceptron
          An implementation of the Passive-Aggressive algorithm for learning a linear binary categorizer.
static class OnlinePassiveAggressivePerceptron.AbstractSoftMargin
          An abstract class for soft-margin versions of the Passive-Aggressive algorithm.
static class OnlinePassiveAggressivePerceptron.LinearSoftMargin
          An implementation of the linear soft-margin variant of the Passive- Aggressive algorithm (PA-I).
static class OnlinePassiveAggressivePerceptron.QuadraticSoftMargin
          An implementation of the quadratic soft-margin variant of the Passive- Aggressive algorithm (PA-II).
 class OnlinePerceptron
          An online version of the classic Perceptron algorithm.
 class OnlineRampPassiveAggressivePerceptron
          An implementation of the Ramp Loss Passive Aggressive Perceptron (PA^R) from the referenced paper.
 class OnlineShiftingPerceptron
          An implementation of the Shifting Perceptron algorithm.
 class RelaxedOnlineMaximumMarginAlgorithm
          An implementation of the Relaxed Online Maximum Margin Algorithm (ROMMA).
 class Winnow
          An implementation of the Winnow incremental learning algorithm.