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gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.minimization.line.interpolator Provides line (scalar) interpolation/extrapolation algorithms that fit an algebraic function to a (small) collection of data points. 

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Subclasses of AbstractLineBracketInterpolator in gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.minimization.line.interpolator
 class AbstractLineBracketInterpolatorPolynomial<EvaluatorType extends Evaluator<Double,Double>>
          Partial implementation of a LineBracketInterpolator based on a closed-form polynomial function.
 class LineBracketInterpolatorBrent
          Implements Brent's method of function interpolation to find a minimum.
 class LineBracketInterpolatorGoldenSection
          Interpolates between the two bound points of a LineBracket using the golden-section step rule, if that step fails, then the interpolator uses a linear (secant) interpolation.
 class LineBracketInterpolatorHermiteCubic
          Interpolates using a cubic with two points, both of which must have slope information.
 class LineBracketInterpolatorHermiteParabola
          Interpolates using a parabola with two points, at least one of which must have slope information.
 class LineBracketInterpolatorLinear
          Interpolates using a linear (stright-line) curve between two points, neither of which need slope information.
 class LineBracketInterpolatorParabola
          Interpolates using a parabola based on three points without slope information.