Package gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.clustering.cluster

Provides implementations of different types of clusters.


Interface Summary
Cluster<ClusterType> The Cluster interface defines the general functionality of a cluster, which is just the ability to get the members of the cluster.
ClusterCreator<ClusterType extends Cluster<DataType>,DataType> The ClusterCreator defines the functionality of a class that can create a new cluster from a given collection of members of that cluster.
IncrementalClusterCreator<ClusterType extends Cluster<DataType>,DataType> An interface for a ClusterCreator that can incrementally add and remove members from a cluster.

Class Summary
CentroidCluster<ClusterType> The CentroidCluster class extends the default cluster to contain a central element.
DefaultCluster<ClusterType> The DefaultCluster class implements a default cluster which contains a list of members in an ArrayList along with an index that identifies the cluster.
DefaultClusterCreator<DataType> The DefaultClusterCreator class implements a default ClusterCreator that just creates a DefaultCluster from the given list of members.
DefaultIncrementalClusterCreator<DataType> A default implementation of the IncrementalClusterCreator interface that just creates a cluster as having a collection of members.
GaussianCluster The GaussianCluster class implements a cluster of Vector objects that has a MultivariateGaussian object representing the cluster.
GaussianClusterCreator The GaussianClusterCreator class implements a ClusterCreator for creating GaussianClusters by fitting a MultivariateGaussian to the given set of example vectors.
MedoidClusterCreator<DataType> The MedoidClusterCreator class creates a CentroidCluster at the sample that minimizes the sum of the divergence to the objects assigned to the cluster.
VectorMeanCentroidClusterCreator The VectorMeanCentroidClusterCreator class implements a cluster creator for centroid clusters where the centroid is the mean of the vectors that are members of the cluster.

Package gov.sandia.cognition.learning.algorithm.clustering.cluster Description

Provides implementations of different types of clusters. Clusters are typically the result objects from clustering algorithms.

Justin Basilico