Provides general classes for object serialization.


Interface Summary
FileSerializationHandler<SerializedType> Defines the functionality of a serialization handler that can write an object to a file and read an object from a file.
StreamSerializationHandler<SerializedType> Interface for an object that can be used to serialize and deserialize objects.
TextSerializationHandler<SerializedType> Interface for a serialization handler that can serialize to text.

Class Summary
AbstractFileSerializationHandler<SerializedType> An abstract implementation of FileSerializationHandler.
AbstractStreamSerializationHandler<SerializedType> An abstract implementation of StreamSerializationHandler.
AbstractTextSerializationHandler<SerializedType> An abstract implementation of the TextSerializationHandler interface.
GZIPSerializationHandler<SerializedType> Implements a serialization handler that uses the GZip compression algorithm on the output.
JavaDefaultBinarySerializationHandler A serialization handler based on basic Java binary serialization.
XStreamSerializationHandler A serialization

Package Description

Provides general classes for object serialization.

Justin Basilico