Provides general classes for assisting with input/output operations.


Interface Summary
ProcessLauncherListener Interface for receiving ProcessLauncher events

Class Summary
CSVUtility The CSVUtility class implements some utility functions for dealing with comma-separated value (CSV) file types.
FileUtil The FileUtil class defines some useful utilities for dealing with files.
ObjectSerializationHandler The ObjectSerializationHandler class implements methods for handling the serialization and deserialization of objects.
ProcessLauncher Launches a process as a separate thread and monitors the stdout and stderr, throwing events when they update and exit
ProcessLauncherEvent Event that gets fired when the ProcessLauncher is updated (for example, the underlying process writes to stdout or stderr, or terminates)
ReaderTokenizer Reads each line from a Reader, and returns each line as a List of Strings
XStreamSerializationHandler Reads and writes Objects in XML format.

Enum Summary
ProcessLauncherEvent.EventType Types of events that may be fired

Exception Summary
CSVParseException The CSVParseException class implements an exception that is thrown while parsing a CSV file.

Package Description

Provides general classes for assisting with input/output operations.

Justin Basilico