Package gov.sandia.cognition.framework

Provides the interfaces for the Cognitive Framework.


Interface Summary
Activatable The Activatable interface provides a general definition for objects that can be isActivated.
ActivatableCogxel ActivatableCogxel is an interface which defines a cogxel which is activatable.
CognitiveModel The CognitiveModel interface defines the basic functionality of a cognitive model.
CognitiveModelFactory The CognitiveModelFactory interface defines an interface for creating a new CognitiveModel using a predefined set of CognitiveModules, as created by CognitiveModuleFactories.
CognitiveModelInput The CognitiveModelInput defines the inteface for an input to a CognitiveModel.
CognitiveModelListener The CognitiveModelListener interface is an event listener that listens for events on a CognitiveModel.
CognitiveModelState The CognitiveModelState interface defines the general functionality required of an object that represents the state of a CognitiveModel.
CognitiveModule The CognitiveModule interface defines the functionality of a general module that can be used in a CognitiveModel.
CognitiveModuleFactory The CognitiveModuleFactory interface defines the functionality required by something that creates new CognitiveModules for a CognitiveModel.
CognitiveModuleSettings The CogntiviteModuleSettings class defines the functionality required for the settings of a CognitiveModule.
CognitiveModuleState The CognitiveModuleState defines the interface for the state of a CognitiveModule.
Cogxel The interface for the fundamental unit of operation inside a CognitiveModel.
CogxelFactory The CogxelFactory interface defines the functionality required for an object to be used to create a Cogxel for a CognitiveModel.
CogxelState Keeps a collection of Cogxels and some accessor methods.
SemanticIdentifier The SemanticIdentifier class holds a SemanticLabel along with the unique integer that can be used to identify the SemanticLabel within a model.
SemanticIdentifierMap The SemanticIdentifierMap defines the functionality of a class that assigns identifiers to SemanticLabels and keeps track of them.
SemanticIdentifierMapListener The SemanticIdentifierMapListener defines an EventListener for the SemanticIdentifierMap.
SemanticLabel This interface defines what a semantic label should have.
SemanticMemory The SemanticMemory interface defines the general functionality required of a module in the CognitiveModel that is a semantic memory.
SemanticNetwork The SemanticNetwork interface defines the functionality required for a network that is used as part of the paramterization to a SemanticMemory.
ShareableCognitiveModuleSettings The ShareableCognitiveModuleSettings is an interface for module settings that can be shared between two instances of a CognitiveModule.

Class Summary
AbstractCognitiveModel The AbstractCognitiveModel class is an abstract class that implements common functionality of classes that implement the CognitiveModel interface may wish to have.
AbstractCognitiveModelFactory The AbstractCognitiveModelFactory class defines common functionality among CognitiveModelFactory implementations.
AbstractSemanticIdentifier The AbstractSemanticIdentifier class implements the basic methods that are needed for a SemanticIdentifier to provide a good speed improvement.
CognitiveModelStateChangeEvent The CognitiveModelStateChangeEvent class is an EventObject that contains the data pertaining to a change in the state of a CognitiveModel.
DefaultCogxel The DefaultCogxel provides a default implementation of the Cogxel interface that just stores the necessary peices of information: the SemanticIdentifier and its activation.
DefaultCogxelFactory This class implements a CogxelFactory that returns the default type of DefaultCogxel.
DefaultSemanticIdentifier The DefaultSemanticIdentifier class implements a default version of the SemanticIdentifier interface that stores the SemanticLabel the identifier is for and the unique identifier integer.
DefaultSemanticIdentifierMap The DefaultSemanticIdentifierMap is an implementation of SemanticIdentifierMap that is backed by a HashMap (a hashtable).
DefaultSemanticLabel This class implements a semantic label using a string.
DefaultSemanticNetwork This class contains a default implementation of a SemanticNetwork.
SemanticIdentifierMapEvent The SemanticIdentifierMapEvent class implements an event object for the SemanticIdentifierMapListener interface to make use of.

Enum Summary
SemanticIdentifierMapEventType The SemanticIdentifierMapEventType

Package gov.sandia.cognition.framework Description

Provides the interfaces for the Cognitive Framework. It also contains default implementations of some simple interfaces.

Justin Basilico