Package gov.sandia.cognition.framework.lite

Provides a lightweight implementation of the Cognitive Framework.


Interface Summary
MutablePatternRecognizerLite The MutablePatternRecognizerLite interface extends the PatternRecognizerLite interface to add methods for changing the recognizer dynamically.
PatternRecognizerLite The PatternRecognizerLite interface defines the functionality needed by a pattern recognizer that is to be used by a SemanticMemoryLite.

Class Summary
AbstractCognitiveModelLite The AbstractCognitiveModelLite class is an abstract class that implements common functionality of classes that share general functionality with the CognitiveModelLite - i.e.
AbstractSemanticMemoryLite The AbstractSemanticMemoryLite implements the common functionality among SemanticMemoryLite modules.
ArrayBasedCognitiveModelInput The ArrayBasedCognitiveModelInput class implements a CognitiveModelInput that is used by the ArrayBasedPerceptionModule.
ArrayBasedPerceptionModule The ArrayBasedPerceptionModule class implements a simple CognitiveModule that sets the state of Cogxels based on a given input of SemanticIdentifiers and their associated activation values.
ArrayBasedPerceptionModuleFactory The ArrayBasedPerceptionModuleFactory class implements a CognitiveModuleFactory for ArrayBasedPerceptionModules.
BooleanActivatableCogxel BooleanActivatableCogxel extends the DefaultCogxel class to add an "activated" flag.
BooleanActivatableCogxelFactory This class implements a CogxelFactory, which creates ActivatableCogxels.
CognitiveModelLite This class provides a lite implementation of the CognitiveModel interface.
CognitiveModelLiteFactory The CognitiveModelLiteFactory defines a CognitiveModelFactory for creating CognitiveModelLite objects.
CognitiveModelLiteState The CognitiveModelLiteState class implements a CognitiveModelState object for the CognitiveModelLite.
CognitiveModuleStateWrapper The CognitiveModuleStateWrapper wraps some other object as a CognitiveModuleState object.
CogxelStateLite The CogxelStateLite class implements a CogxelState to be used with the CognitiveModelLite.
MutableSemanticMemoryLite The MutableSemanticMemoryLite implements a SemanticMemory that can be dynamically changed.
MutableSemanticMemoryLiteFactory The MutableSemanticMemoryLiteFactory implements a CognitiveModuleFactory for MutableSemanticMemoryLite modules.
SharedSemanticMemoryLite The SharedSemanticMemoryLite class implements a semantic memory that uses a shared piece of memory to store the settings.
SharedSemanticMemoryLiteFactory The SharedSemanticMemoryLiteFactory implements a CognitiveModuleFactory for SharedSemanticMemoryLite modules.
SharedSemanticMemoryLiteSettings The SharedSemanticMemoryLiteSettings class implements the settings for the SharedSemanticMemoryLite module.
SimplePatternRecognizer The SimplePatternRecognizer class implements a simple version of the PatternRecognizerLite interface.
SimplePatternRecognizerState The SimplePatternRecognizerState class implements a CognitiveModuleState for the SimplePatternRecognizer.
VectorBasedCognitiveModelInput Vector-based cognitive model input used by VectorBasedPerceptionModule.
VectorBasedPerceptionModule Module that takes CognitiveModelInputs and turns them into a Vector
VectorBasedPerceptionModuleFactory Factory for a VectorBasedPerceptionModule

Package gov.sandia.cognition.framework.lite Description

Provides a lightweight implementation of the Cognitive Framework. This implementation is geared towards small models and makes use of dense data structures. It is designed to be able to run many multiple models within a single process, such as a simulation in a high-performance computing environment. This means having compact data structures that can potentially be shared and a fast update loop. It also means that the model does not support the dynamic addition and removal of modules at runtime.

Justin Basilico