Package gov.sandia.cognition.framework.learning.converter

Provides implementations of CogxelConverters.


Interface Summary
CogxelConverter<DataType> The CogxelConverter interface defines the functionality required for an object to act as a converter from some DataType to and from a CogxelState object.

Class Summary
AbstractCogxelConverter<DataType> Partial implementation of CogxelConverter
AbstractCogxelPairConverter<FirstType,SecondType,PairType extends Pair<FirstType,SecondType>> Partial implementation of CogxelConverters based on a Pair
CogxelBooleanConverter Implements a CogxelConverter that encodes booleans as positive and negative values (+1/-1).
CogxelDoubleConverter The CogxelDoubleConverter class converts a Cogxel to and from a double value by using its activation.
CogxelInputOutputPairConverter<InputType,OutputType> The InputOutputPairCogxelConverter class implements a converter to and from Cogxels to InputOutputPair objects.
CogxelMatrixConverter The CogxelVectorConverter implements a converter to convert Cogxels to and from Matrix objects.
CogxelTargetEstimatePairConverter<TargetType,EstimateType> CogxelConverter based on a TargetEstimatePair.
CogxelVectorCollectionConverter Converts a Collection of Vectors to and from a CogxelState
CogxelVectorConverter The CogxelVectorConverter implements a converter to convert Cogxels to and from Vector objects.
CogxelWeightedInputOutputPairConverter<InputType,OutputType> A CogxelConverter for creating WeightedInputOutputPairs

Package gov.sandia.cognition.framework.learning.converter Description

Provides implementations of CogxelConverters. They map general objects to and from Cogxel objects in a CognitiveModel.

Justin Basilico