Package gov.sandia.cognition.framework.concurrent

Provides a concurrent implementation of teh Cognitive Framework.


Interface Summary
ConcurrentCognitiveModule The ConcurrentCognitiveModule interface extends the functionality of CognitiveModule to support concurrent module evaluation within a CognitiveModel.

Class Summary
AbstractConcurrentCognitiveModule The AbstractConcurrentCognitiveModule class is an abstract class that implements common functionality of classes that implement the ConcurrentCognitiveModule interface.
MultithreadedCognitiveModel This class provides a multithreaded implementation of the CognitiveModel interface.
MultithreadedCognitiveModel.ModuleEvaluator Implements a Callable class for executing the evaluation of a CognitiveModule on a thread
MultithreadedCognitiveModelFactory This class defines a CognitiveModelFactory for creating MultithreadedCognitiveModel objects.

Package gov.sandia.cognition.framework.concurrent Description

Provides a concurrent implementation of teh Cognitive Framework. This implementation is geared towards large models that need to make use of multiple processors or cores. It is designed to run a large model in a single process using threads that run on the different cores. To provide a simple method for parallelization, it defines a module interface, ConcurrentCognitiveModule that breaks the module update into three pars: a syhcronous read, asynchronous processing, and synchronous write.

Justin Basilico