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Packages that use DefaultCogxel
gov.sandia.cognition.framework Provides the interfaces for the Cognitive Framework. 
gov.sandia.cognition.framework.lite Provides a lightweight implementation of the Cognitive Framework. 

Uses of DefaultCogxel in gov.sandia.cognition.framework

Methods in gov.sandia.cognition.framework that return DefaultCogxel
 DefaultCogxel DefaultCogxel.clone()
          This makes public the clone method on the Object class and removes the exception that it throws.

Constructors in gov.sandia.cognition.framework with parameters of type DefaultCogxel
DefaultCogxel(DefaultCogxel other)
          Creates a copy of a given Cogxel.

Uses of DefaultCogxel in gov.sandia.cognition.framework.lite

Subclasses of DefaultCogxel in gov.sandia.cognition.framework.lite
 class BooleanActivatableCogxel
          BooleanActivatableCogxel extends the DefaultCogxel class to add an "activated" flag.