Package gov.sandia.cognition.collection

Provides commonly useful collection implementations.


Interface Summary
Indexer<ValueType> Defines the functionality of a collection that can map between values and integer indices.
MultiCollection<T> An interface for a collection that is made up of a group of subcollections.
NumericMap<KeyType> An interface for a mapping of keys to numeric values.
ScalarMap<KeyType> An interface for a mapping of objects to scalar values represented as doubles.
ScalarMap.Entry<KeyType> An entry in a scalar map.

Class Summary
AbstractMutableDoubleMap<KeyType> A partial implementation of a ScalarMap with a MutableDouble value
AbstractMutableDoubleMap.SimpleEntry<KeyType> Entry for the AbstractScalarMap
AbstractMutableDoubleMap.SimpleEntrySet<KeyType> Simple Entry Set for DefaultInfiniteVector
AbstractMutableDoubleMap.SimpleIterator<KeyType> Simple iterator for DefaultInfiniteVector
AbstractScalarMap<KeyType> Partial implementation of ScalarMap
ArrayUtil Utility class for handling arrays.
CollectionUtil The CollectionUtil class implements static methods for dealing with Collection and Iterable objects.
DefaultComparator<T extends Comparable<? super T>> A default comparator that just calls compare on the comparable generic it uses.
DefaultIndexer<ValueType> A default implementation of the Indexer interface that simply maps objects to a range from 0 to n-1 in the order they are given.
DefaultMultiCollection<EntryType> The DefaultMultiCollection class implements a Collection that just contains a set of internal collections inside.
DynamicArrayMap<ValueType> A DynamicArrayList is a class that implements a map from an integer to an Object type on top of an expanding array.
FiniteCapacityBuffer<DataType> A finite capacity buffer backed by a fixed array.
IntegerSpan An Iterable that starts at a given Integer and goes until another, inclusive.
MultiIterator<EntryType> The MultiIterator class implements an iterator that iterates over a bunch of internal iterators, exhausting one before moving to the next.
NumberComparator Compares two Numbers (base class of Double, Integer, etc.) for sorting.
RangeExcludedArrayList<E> The RangeExcludedArrayList class implements a light-weight list on top of an ArrayList where a certain range of values is excluded from the list.

Package gov.sandia.cognition.collection Description

Provides commonly useful collection implementations.

Justin Basilico