Annotation Type Documentation

@CodeReview(reviewer="Kevin R. Dixon",
            comments="Looks fine. (Nothing much to review on this one.)")
public @interface Documentation

The Documentation annotation marks that something is just documentation. Why does this exist? This annotation was created to deal with an issue regarding the "" files, which is the preferred place for package level documentation according to the Javadoc 1.5 specification. The problem is that somewhere in our build system (Javac, Ant, NetBeans), it determines that the "" file needs to be compiled every time. This is usually due to the fact that by default a "" file generates no "package-info.class" file. However, if there is an annotation on the package, which is specified in the "" file, then it must create a corresponding "package-info.class". Thus, if you add this annotation to the package, it will remove the compilation problems.

Justin Basilico