Package gov.sandia.cognition.algorithm

Provides general interfaces and implementations for algorithms.


Interface Summary
AnytimeAlgorithm<ResultType> The AnytimeAlgorithm interface defines the functionality of an iterative algorithm that is stoppable and can return intermediate results.
IterativeAlgorithm The IterativeAlgorithm interface defines the functionality of a algorithm that works through multiple iteration steps in order to perform its computation.
IterativeAlgorithmListener The IterativeAlgorithmListener interface defines the events that are generated by an IterativeAlgorithm.
MeasurablePerformanceAlgorithm An interface for an algorithm that has a measurable quantity of performance that can be retrieved.
ParallelAlgorithm Interface for algorithms that are parallelized using multithreading.
StoppableAlgorithm Defines methods for an algorithm that can be stopped early during its execution.

Class Summary
AbstractAnytimeAlgorithm<ResultType> A partial implementation of the common functionality of an AnytimeAlgorithm.
AbstractIterativeAlgorithm The AbstractIterativeAlgorithm class implements a simple part of the IterativeAlgorithm interface that manages the listeners for the algorithm.
AbstractParallelAlgorithm Partial implementation of ParallelAlgorithm.
AnytimeAlgorithmWrapper<ResultType,InternalAlgorithm extends AnytimeAlgorithm<?>> Wraps an AnytimeAlgorithm.
ParallelUtil Utility methods for creating parallel algorithms.

Package gov.sandia.cognition.algorithm Description

Provides general interfaces and implementations for algorithms. In particular, it contains interfaces that algorithmic implementations can utilize to expose parts of their operation to other objects.

Justin Basilico