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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What license is the Cognitive Foundry released under?

The Cognitive Foundry is released under the open source BSD license.

Why is the first released version numbered 3.0?

We started work on the Cognitive Foundry in 2006, which involved previous versions that were for internal use only. Version 3 is the first version that received approval for open source release.

What version of Java is required?

The Cognitive Foundry version 3.0.0 requires Java 1.6.

Why are there so many generics?

The generics are there to enable people to use custom data and components with various algorithms. In browsing the documentation you may come across some nasty generic definitions, but our goal is to take the burden of the generic definitions on our end so that the classes will work as people expect when they are using them.

See Sun's Generics Tutorial to learn more.

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